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Back Home. It is mostly straight men that have this obsession, and their attraction to footsie girls is as strong as any other fetish, maybe even stronger. Of course, every man likes beautiful girls, and they like to see any part of a beautiful female body, but the people that we are talking about have some high standards. Feet lovers might have different reasons, but the target is the same But, before we continue, we must ask ourselves one question: what is it that makes a man so attracted to female feet?

While the question sounds pretty simple, the answer may not be that straightforward, as many men have different reasons for worshipping female feet, as well as the different approach to the whole fetish. Some men see female feet as the most delicate and clean part of the female body and choose girls that take good care of best foot fetish sites feet.

The girls that have the pleasure to have their feet worshipped by such a man really feel like queens and not every girl deserves that privilege. An object of desire and admiration, but also a humiliating tool On the other hand, some guys are more attracted to the smelly feet.

Those are the true submissive types, and though the guys from the first category also do their share of worshipping, they are worshiping an ideal. They still prefer pretty women that have nicely shaped feet and ankles, and they still want to worship them, but they also need to feel humiliated on the larger scale and often see themselves as being inferior.

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They enjoy having their faces stepped upon, and they have no trouble in sticking their tongues between their dirty toes, dutifully cleaning them. They are frequently attracted to nylon socks too, and they are also more prone to worship even the dirty shoes of their Mistresses.

There are a lot of ladies that are into this sort of humiliation, and they immensely enjoy having their smelly toes sucked after a long day at work. There is something for every foot lover here To whichever group you may belong, or even if you have your own unique reasons for being attracted to female feet, you are bound to find something very interesting on the sites that we have selected for you. Some of them focus only on one aspect of foot fetish, while others offer all kinds of foot related sex scenes, ranging from clothed models that display only their feet, to insatiable sluts that use their feet as the cum landing pad.

The premium ones offer high-quality content for a price, and they have every best foot fetish sites to do it, considering that some of them host exclusive and awesome content. Complete review will follow shortly. They do that by ing fresh and sexy content every day. Instead, they give a long list of thumbnails that show beautiful babes displaying their legs and feet while being fucked.

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The content is diverse, so there are numerous videos, pictures, and stories available. They feature a lot of links to videos, blogs, and even dating sites, so check it out. Any kink is available, take a look! That means that they have an almost infinite amount of videos, and all are categorized so every perv knows where to look. Real Foot fetish and shoe fetish in sneakers, high heels, boots, flip flops and ballerinas. Premium Porn Live Cams Dating.

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