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Whether it is to impress the girl in your class or have some fun with your friends, Snapchat has fantastic filters for every occasion. While Instagram copied this feature for its stories, Snapchat remains one of the favorite apps for millions worldwide. Plus, nearly half a million Snapchat filters are created every month.

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Let me show you some of the popular and best Snapchat filters to try right now. You can directly access the filters from the links provided below. Click the name of the filter, and it will automatically open Snapchat with the filter activated. You can also scan the Snap codes in Snapchat to access the filters. This is one of the most popular Snapchat filters right now.

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This filter adds a slight blush red accent to your cheeks, making you look like an anime character. Try it on Snapchat. It imagines how you would look if you were a character in an anime. You can even select photos from your camera roll. Have fun making anime characters out of your friends! This filter adds a typical sailor beard best snapchat codes your face, an oversized sailor hat, and even a blowing pipe into your mouth. There are plenty of scary Snapchat filters available, but this is one of my favorites.

It turned the hair from brown to whitish-grey and added some wrinkles to the face. This Snapchat filter removes acne and adds a subtle glow to your face. Love Mood is one of the best filters to impress someone. Retro filters never get old. This is one of my personal favorites. This Snapchat filter adds 90s Handycam remember those? Moreover, the filter adds a pinkish-grey and grain overlay to the images, making them look like they were captured in the 90s. Vogue Noir makes you look like a cover model of the Vogue magazine.

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It turns your snap into a black and white image, and you can control the Vogue logo color too. This simple-looking Snapchat filter from Saman Hasan adds a polaroid-like frame to your photo. It also adds a custom handwritten-like date to the bottom of your snap. Ever imagined how a mustache would look on you? This Snapchat filter adds a giant mustache to your face, and not only a mustache, but it also adds an overlay that makes your snap look vintage.

This popular Snapchat filter makes you look like a member of a band or a motorbike gang.

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It adds a perfectly grown long beard to your face and a sassy-looking pair of sunglasses too. This Snapchat filter adds a hue of warmth to your snap.

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The photo looks more yellowish, and well, yes, dramatic too. This lens makes your lips look pinker while adding a subtle reddish tone to your photo. Activate it to have that golden glow on your face. This is an all-in-one Snapchat filter.

Once you unlock this lens by scanning the snap code, it will give you instructions on-screen to choose from hundreds of overlays.

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Pecan is for all those pale girls out there. Tanning your skin can be hard and a time taking process. This filter adds a coat of tan to your body. You can control the level of tan it adds and has an option to add a bit of noise to the photo as well. Which Snapchat filter did you like the most? Feel free to add your selfies in the comments section below!

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Best snapchat codes

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