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Parts of this website will not display or function properly. Post to Forum. Welcome to the Rny forum Bypass community. There is a wealth of information available, so don't get overwhelmed! You can create notebooks to save anything you'd like to keep track of, just click on the Save icon at the top of A healthy BMI is anything between I had my surgery in I was all shy of lbs. I lost lbs of that and successfully kept it off over the years. I'm 46 now and I have gained apx 30 unwanted pounds.

Any suggestions on getting the weight back off? I really haven't changed my eating habits. So unsure of what to do. I scheduled an appointment for consultation. How long is the process? I eat dinner around and pm. Every time I eat whether it be a salad or a full meal, I always feel horrible. Has anyone experienced this? Note: I'm 14 months post op Can someone tell me how long this feeling will last? Has anyone experienced severe nausea and vomiting for extended length of time after gastric sleeve?

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I got gastric bypass about 17 years ago I'm now gaining weight and no matter what I do I cannot lose weight. What should I do?

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Any recommendations? Just starting my bypass process, but I know I will most likely end up needing the tummy tuck afterwards. Anyone here in Ohio that has one they could recommend? I believe it would be approved by insurance however I would need to choose a surgeon that is "in network".

I'm concerned about living in an area that doesn't have a surgeon I would want to perform the procedure.

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There is not any surgeons on this website anywhere near where I live however, I'm sure there's other resources to find surgeons. I'm just wondering if there is perhaps any type of wraps or compression garments that could be used instead. Specifically the thighs and arms. Hi I weigh and my BMI is What is the least I will go to? Hi All i had a gastric sleeve done in I have terrible GERD so am having the bypass done in a month. I am a 35 year old female height is 1.

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Is this common after gastric bypass? Has anyone had gastric bypass in mexico?

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Not gastric sleeve, looking specifically for a gastric bypass surgeon in Mexico. I was interested in Armando Joya but he doesn't seem to have ny reviews on this website. Find a Doctor. Beauty News. Log In. Up. Photos and Reviews. Procedure Reviews. Start your Review. Ask a Doctor. Your Feed. More about Gastric Bypass. Sort 88 posts by: Recent activity Most discussed.

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BMI Calculator. Do you have any suggestions how to lose weight gain after 17 years? Gastric bypass help me please rny forum How long is the process? Why might I be getting so much gas after eating? Why do I get nauseous and lethargic with a feeling of some depression after I eat dinner? When does the feeling low grade nausea go away? Gastric sleeve complications. Bariatric Plastic Surgeons - Ohio. Has anyone here experienced getting their procedure done out-of-state or not going through their insurance company? Has anybody experienced blood in the urine after gastric bypass surgery five years post-op?

Are there any other options besides surgery to tighten loose skin after gastric bypass surgery weight lose? I am pounds, how small can I expect to get after my surgery? Worried about getting a bypass done. Can you share stories and experiences?

I am very nervous. Fecal incontinence during the night? Is this common?

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What should I know before undergoing gastric bypass revision surgery? Would like feedback referrals for gastric bypass revision doctors in the DC area? Gastric Bypass in Mexico. Gastric Bypass Pictures.

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Long-term weight regain after gastric bypass: a 5-year prospective study