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At Kink Academy we look at diversity in terms of many voices. Kink itself is not limited by race, gender, age, or physical ability, so why should a site dedicated to BDSM education be limited to any one particular demographic? Something for everyone. For every taste. For every desire. Kink Academy is a comprehensive library of sex-ed videos for adventurous, consenting adults.

Here's a taste of what we offer. Kink Community: Level of Involvement. Defining Levels of Protocol. Unusual Fetish: Solo Play.

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We have it all. In one place. With over 2, sex-ed videos and over sexuality educators, the Kink Academy Team works with sex educators from around the world to present the most diverse and experienced voices possible for your ongoing sexual education. Aiden Fyre. Richard Sprott. Bo Blaze. Tina Horn. Kitty Stryker. Mim Chapman, Ph. Shae Flanigan.

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Mary Kay. James Darling. Klawdya Rothschild. Selina Minx. Marcia Baczynski. Elle Chase. Sissy Maid Stephanie. Wintersong Tashlin. Lady Cyanide. Cleo DuBois. Sabrina Morgan. Chloe Camilla. Dante Posh.

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Scott Bonelli and Elle Emenope. Eve Minax. Strap On Jo. Megan Andelloux. Sara Vibes. From the blog. Our belief is that sexuality is a creative outlet that goes far beyond a few humdrum maneuvers in the bedroom, and that all safe and consensual interests are and worthy of validation.

See what people are talking about in the blog. Diversity IS Kinky December 24, Open Blog Submissions for KinkAcademy. Upgrades are coming!! September 15, Subscribe to Our Newsletter! Search for:.

Kink academy

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