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The same thing that happened while on SnapFuck. Notifications telling us that various women have sent us a "like" and visited our profile and want to be our friends. But this is all a masquerade, when you start reading the terms and conditions where they specifically state that initial messages from their virtual profiles profiles they create may be automatically generated with no human involvement. This explains quite a bit. It explains the reasons were receiving notifications that so many women are viewing our profile and liking us and wanting to be our friends.

The messages are all automatically generated with no humans viewing our profile. There are no humans sending us "likes". And there are no humans wanting to be our friends. It's all a facade used to get us to try to reply back to the women sending us the automated likes and friend requests.

When you do try to initiate communications you are always sent to an upgrade where you have to pull out your credit card and purchase a monthly membership. This is the main reason they use these automated communications. Screen sextsnap app showing the automated "likes", and automated profile views. Did you know that SextSnap.

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Sextsnap app contractors are paid a sum to correspond with you. Why would they do that? Well this website along with countless others that we have exposed utilize fictitious profiles that they themselves have created. With these phony profiles they attach third-party contractors who are paid to operate these virtual profiles. If you know anything about how this dating site operates you will need to upgrade to communicate with other members of the site and that's one of the main ingredients of their "marketing strategy" and why they use paid contractors.

They want you to upgrade so you can interact with their third-party contractors unknown to you that they are employed to chat with you.

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It should go without saying but you can never actually meet these third-party party contractors in person because they are not the women in the sextsnap app. They could very well be men paid to chat with you, who knows!

It's not really a secret that SextSnap. It's an open secret, if you know where to look. And the place to look for that type of information is in the terms and conditions. And they admit that some of the profiles posted on there site are fictitious and are associated with their "virtual profiles service". They use the virtual profiles in conjunction with automated bots software programs created to imitate real people which are used to send you automated messages, friend's requests and fake profile views.

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To the untrained eye the profiles look completely legitimate with photos of attractive girls and the profile information completely filled out, but when you look closer at the dating site as a whole it becomes clear that something is not right. Why on earth are there so many attractive looking 20 something olds completely nude wanting to hook up? If you know any girls most of them are not going to post nude dating profiles showing their faces, it just isn't a normal thing that happens.

We have already established that this site admits to creating "virtual profiles", but where do they get those photographs of nude women from? After digging around and using software tools Tineye. As more proof that the site is operating in a less than honest manner we have included direct links to where profile photographs shown below are found. You can take a look at the links below and see the exact same profile photographs found on adult image sites.

This is just more proof that proves you're not interacting with real women but automated bots and images of amateur porn models, not real women looking to hook up with you. Screen shot of a "virtual profile" using a photo found on sextsnap app adult image sites. The amateur porn model owns a web site called Katesplayground.

Sextsnap app you really think she has ed Sext Snap to meet guys for hookups?

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Screen shot of a "virtual profile" using a photo found on numerous adult image websites. We tried to be as crystal clear as possible in our reviews. When we call out the site for not being real, we try to back it up with as much evidence as possible.

It's not fair to any dating service to be called fake or a fraud. However when the website itself details their whole marketing scheme in their terms and conditions. When they outline how they use automated software bots to send s and instant messages to people, when they admit that they create virtual profiles that are operated by third-party contractors, then what sextsnap app we supposed to think?

Is it normal for a dating site to create fictitious profiles and then scatter them throughout the site to make it appear as if you're interacting with real people? The last piece of evidence we want to add is the terms and conditions which were written by the administrators of the site. This shows they know exactly what they're up to. In the terms they admit to using virtual profiles and automated bots. Please read it so you familiarize yourself with how this site operates. This investigation was relatively easy for us to do. To unmask what was going on was simple since the administrators of this site detailed everything on the terms they admit everything.

There isn't very much more to say, all the evidence speaks for itself. If you want to search for sextsnap app females, then look at these legitimate dating sites. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle.

Home Busted: SextSnap. Both sites are riding the coat tails of the extremely popular Snapchat app. In this investigation we ed the site in an attempt to leave no stone unturned in our question to find out the truth. Does SextSnap. Can you actually hook up with female members in real life situation? These questions and more will be answered sextsnap app our detailed analysis. Have you had the same exact scenario play out on you? Please leave a comment below and tell us if you received notifications after ing the site. This type of scenario happens to us continuously on any of the dating sites that we have investigated.

It's not some kind of virus, this automated bot system is used by the owners of these adult sites. They know exactly what they're doing and they are the ones who benefit directly from their use.

Sextsnap app

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Busted: Uses Automated Messages & Employees Disguised As Real Members