Find someone on skype by username

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If you're a Skype user, you know how easy it is to find and connect with your Skype friends just by doing a simple search of the Skype directory. After your admin has enabled this feature, you can search that same directory using Skype for Business. Click the Skype Directory tab to search the directory. When you see the listing for the person you want to add, point at their picture to see your options such as message, voice call, video call or add to contacts.

If you sent your Skype contact a request and they never receive itask them to send you a request to chat.

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In these instances, that often establishes the connection between the two services. Skype for Business on Mac doesn't have the ability to search for and communicate with people who are using the free Skype app. While you can search for and find Skype users, they can not search for and find Skype for Business users. Your IT department decides whether to use this interface, or one where you can search the Skype Directory.

There are several ways you can search the Skype directory. Each piece of information that you add into the search box helps narrow down the list of that search returns.

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Here are some examples:. Before you can search the Skype directory, you admin needs to set a toggle in your organization's Skype for Business service to allow it. See these instructions: Let Skype for Business users add Skype contacts.

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Skype for Business is used by organizations to enable their employees to collaborate, meet, and share. Skype users can connect with Skype for Business users but aren't able to use the following Skype for Business features:. Additionally, Skype users cannot use the Skype directory to find Skype for Business contacts, because Skype for Business users are not listed there.

A Skype user who wants to add a Skype for Business user to his or her list of contacts must create the ing the full address of the Skype for Business user, such as seanchai contoso. Add a contact. Skype for Business. Search for people in Skype for Business. A subscription to make the most of your time. Try one month free. Need more help? Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? The more you tell us, the more we can help. How can we improve?

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Find someone on skype by username

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How to Find Someone on Skype using Username & Mail ID