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Diddy wants you to text him. Over the last few months, some celebrities and influencers have been posting phone s on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and encouraging fans to reach out to them. I want a deeper connection with my fans. He explained that he got a special phone for his family, friends and closest fans and asked people to text it in order to stay in communication. Texting these s generally in a stream of automated updates.

After I sent Ashton Kutcher a message in July, I received several texts full of disted thoughts and a photo. Eventually, I unsubscribed. Sorry, Ashton. Community spun out of a company, Shimmur, which was founded by Matthew Peltier and Josh Rosenheck in According to TechCrunchShimmur was meant to be a Reddit-like mobile app where users could create and content about their favorite YouTubers and influencers.

In earlywith a fresh round of investment from Mr. Kutcher and Guy Oseary, a Hollywood talent manager, it restarted as Community.

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The service is free, but standard messaging rates apply. Community enables direct, meaningful conversations at scale. Community monetizes by charging its high-profile users a fee to use the platform. Messaging via Community is largely a one-way interaction. But you could get lucky. Earlier this month, Gary Vaynerchukan entrepreneur and marketer who uses Community, tweeted a video of himself responding to messages on his iPhone.

Vaynerchuk said he has been a Community user for about six weeks and so far loves the platform. He said Community does a good job of organizing the messages. He goes through and responds to them within the Community app, and those messages are then distributed to his fans via text.

Kutcher has also teased personal responses.

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While many high-profile stars use Twitter and Instagram to promote their work, make announcements and engage with fans, social media platforms have issues: Algorithms are increasingly crowded, making it hard for stars to ensure that their messages reach their intended audience, and responding to one DM gives a user unlimited access to their primary inbox.

Vaynerchuk said of Community.

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But he added that the conversations he has had through Community have been different. Those personal conversations are hard to have on platforms like Twitter, which has struggled to control abuse. Many celebrities are seeking to engage in private spaces with only their most dedicated fans, away from the spammers and the haters. Several celebrities, including Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift, have started their own apps, and companies like Escapex and Disciple have cropped up to help celebrities communicate.

Users too, are seeking something different than seemingly algorithmically organized feeds. Style Forget DMs. Celebrities Want You to Text Them. Is it their real ? Will they respond to me?

Girls phone numbers to sext

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