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Oh, snap! These 20 celebrity Snapchat pics are far from tame. Celebs are out there on social media being outgoing and outrageous as proven by these 20 pics. While some celebs keep things tame and under control on social media, there are some stars who take it to the next level.

These 20 pics below are prime examples of how the stars like to show off on social media. Fans love to follow their fave celebs on social media, so seeing such shocking Snapshot pics are exciting and entertaining for them. They never fail to cause a stir, exactly the point of their postings. Who celebrity snapchat leaks to see boring moments anyway? Apparently, she got her body pierced in two new spots. In any event, the new mom is proud to share her nipple-based news with the Snapchat community. Model Kate Upton has taken some of the most magnificent photos over the course of her career.

That said, she apparently decided to take a pic next to the trash receptacle. Why she felt the need to do such a thing is unclear, but her Snapchat followers must have found it amusing. Rihanna is all about showing off her fab figure. This Snapshot pic is another example of how she loves to flaunt her body, baring her middle in the process.

Justin Bieber seems to be sharing his thoughts with the Snapchat community. For a guy who should be busy with other things, he found the time to post these pointless pics. Lady Gaga always looks gorgeous, but here we see that it takes some work for her to look as wonderful as she does.

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Her look is lovely, but her social media behavior is borderline bad girl. She is playfully pretending to lick a lollipop, something that can be taken as sweet or playful. Something tells us that her intentions were to be titillating. Hey Kanye…news flash. The real Marilyn Monroe is Marilyn Monroe! Kim is a star in her own right, so why not embrace her fame? Then again, Kanye would do anything to cause a stir. Jared Leto is looking like a lunatic in this Snap pic.

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Obviously, this fella has plenty of time on his hands to have fun on social media. Actress Reese Witherspoon is having fun with filters on Snapchat. She seems to be stressed out about the insane NYC traffic, so she is posting her position on social media. The actress is not from New York originally, so she may celebrity snapchat leaks have realized that city traffic can be exasperating.

The honking alone is a headache. Bella Thorne is giving us a look at her fantastic figure in this playful Snapchat post. Looks like it is bath time for model Bella Hadid. While most of us bathe in private, this bold babe is taking her cleansing routine to social media. Hailey Baldwin is looking hot in this pic posted by her famous hubby.

Kim K. Answer: Fantastic! How could this beautiful woman ever look bad? Does she even have to ask our opinion? Model Kendall Jenner seems to have gone off the deep end. This pic makes her look rather insane.

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Kylie is looking cool in this costume. Kylie pulls off the look flawlessly, giving her fans a good look at her fantastic figure. We wonder if she went trick-or-treating in this form-fitting outfit. Fans love Rihanna, but do they really need to see her in the loo? Ariana Grande is giving her fans a nice look at her body in this provocative pose for Snapchat.

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is quite revealing in this Snapchat pic. Her plunging neckline is as low as it can go, giving her celebrity snapchat leaks a good look at her long torso and smooth skin. Kylie is showing her Snapchat followers a frontal view that is certainly not for the faint of heart.

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Celebrity snapchat leaks

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