Fetish enemas

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Ready to dive into the world of enema fetish as a kink? Find out more about how this can be a part of BDSM play. Klismaphilia, or enema fetish, is a fetish that involves the introduction fetish enemas liquids into the rectum and colon through the anal opening. Klismaphilia often includes the administration of enemas. Some people even claim that the internal pressure enemas exert on the G-spot, the prostate, and the anal canal can be more intense than any type of external stimulation. In addition, some enema aficionados get off on the sensation of being filled up to the brim.

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Others are in it for the powerful relief they feel after they finally evacuate their bowels. In the fetish world, enemas feature in medical roleplays as well as humiliation, punishment, and fetish enemas training. Enemas are also often used to prepare the rectum and colon for more hardcore anal play such as fisting or deep anal training. As with any form of deeper anal exploration, you should wear latex gloves for extra safety.

Guys and gals, please note this: you must ONLY use pharmacy-bought enema solutions. Fetish enemas can be either mineral oil or saline-based. Yes, I know that commercial enema fluid can be more difficult to hold in for more extended periods. I also know that the Internet is rife with literally hundreds of recipes for homemade enema solutions.

These feature everything from olive oil, soap, coffee, and milk to molasses, various herbal concoctions, glycerin, and even wine. And, apparently, there are enema enthusiasts who have poured concrete mix and epoxy resin up their butts. Guess how that ended?

Hint: with surgery. In addition to using potentially hazardous ingredients, you could mess up the proportions or use unsterilized equipment. The tube or hose connects to the bag and transfers the fluid to the nozzle. The tube should come with a clamp that can be used to regulate the flow. You want the receiver you or your partner to be as relaxed as possible.

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That helps loosen up the muscles and makes for a more effective treatment. Wash the nozzle using antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure to thoroughly rinse off the soap before insertion. To do that, simply release the clamp and let some of the fluid run through the tube as you would do with a syringe. You can experiment with other positions as well, but you should NEVER administer an enema on a person who is suspended upside down. This method is unsafe and potentially fatal.

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Then, remove the clamp and very slowly lift the bag. Be careful not to raise the bag too high when it is still full, as that will exert too much pressure on the fluid. At this point, you can either insert a butt plug, order the receiver to hold the fluid in or head straight to the toilet if the cramps are too intense. Finally, please note that, as much as you love your BDSM enema punishment, it is not something that you should be doing too often.

Your erotic enemas should be a rare treat. Not only is this better for your health and safety, but it also makes them all the more special. Stick with medical-grade silicone enema bags, enema tubes, spouts, and colon tubes. Enema risks include perforation of the rectum, which requires surgery to repair, and possible damage to internal organs. Enemas are definitely a niche fetish — but if that sounds like something you might want to try, educate yourself on fetish enemas risks involved and do it properly and safely.

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Fetish enemas

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Enemas and the People Who Love Them